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  • Verlyn Flieger, 30 August 2005

    Dear Catherine and Zosia,

    I have now had a chance to read your journal "Aiglos", and I want to compliment you on the high quality of the journal as a publication, and the equally high quality of the essays it contains. I read them with pleasure. It is instructive to have so clear a window into another nationality's "take" on Tolkien, and I found much to reflect upon. I especially liked Michal Lesniewski's distinction between "canon" and "corpus" in considering the totality of Tolkien's writing on his legendarium.
    Thank you so much for giving me a copy of your journal. May it continue with many more issues.

    With very best regards,
    Verlyn Flieger

    editors answer:

    Dear Verlyn,

    Thank you very much for the kind words. We are happy and honoured to know that you found our journal to be of high quality and that the Polish "take" on Tolkien has proved to be something to reflect upon for an American and an international expert on Middle-earth too. Michał Lesniewski's distinction between Tolkien "canon" and "corpus" has caused some controversy among Polish fans and provoked a few very lively discussions, and we are glad to hear that this subject has met with your kind interest too.

    Thank you again for the nice comments and wishes -

    With the very best wishes too,

    Bożena Mitko ''Nellelórë'
    for The Aiglos Editorial Staff

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