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  • Editor-in-chief- Anna Adamczyk-Śliwińska 'Nifrodel'
  • Articles and essays - Michał Leśniewski 'M.L'
  • Fan prose - Katarzyna Karina Chmiel 'Kasiopea'
  • Translation editor - Agnieszka Sylwanowicz 'Evermind HS Took' and Bożena Mitko 'Nellelórë' (Aiglos Special Issue)
  • Graphics - Katarzyna Karina Chmiel 'Kasiopea', Karolina Stopa-Olszańska 'Melinir' and Katarzyna Wojdak 'Avari'
  • Typesetting -Tomasz Fruń 'Laisar', Karolina Stopa-Olszańska 'Melinir'
  • Proof-reading- Zofia Stanecka 'Nasturcja Gamgee', Katarzyna Staniewska'Elring', Janina Stasiszyn 'Miriel'

  • Agata Borkowska 'Alqualaurë'
  • Małgorzata Dzikowska 'Marille Undomiel'
  • Marcin Gugulski 'Denethor'
  • Joanna Cheda 'Niuchaczaus'
  • Tadeusz Andrzej Olszański 'Halbarad Dúnadan'

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uidelines for contributors
  • Guidelines for contributors If you have any articles, essays etc. you would like to share with us, please send it as a manuscript or by e-mail in .RTF or Microsoft format (preferred); it should include margins and an accurate bibliography. As a general rule, prose items should be between 3000 to 9000 words long, quotations should always be identified (by quotation marks), citations should be made in the numbered format, referenced to explanatory line giving the author's name and surname, the title, the place and date of publication, the publisher, and the pages referred to. Artwork, black and white in high quality photocopy (.JPG preferred), best in Indian ink or in fine-tip felt pen. Contact the editor if in doubt about the acceptability of your submission. Contributions should be sent to the editorial e-mail (shown below) or the publisher’s address with the Aiglos upnote.

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