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  • 'Tolkien forum':
    The oldest and the biggest in Poland J.R.R Tolkien's fan forum (Polish)
  • 'The Silesian SF Club':
    The Silesian SF Club in Katowice (Polish)
  • 'Tolkien Society':
    The British Tolkien Society site (English)
  • 'Niezapominka':
    The SSFC Tolkien Section site. You may find here two tolkienist fanzines: Gwaihir and Simbelmynë (Polish)
  • 'Tolk Folk - open air event in Bielawa':
    Elek Bregalad and his friends' site, the organizers of the big annual Tolkienist event in Bielawa every year (Polish, English)
  • 'The Prancing Balrog':
    We recommend the site of Adiemus Halfelf and Adan Human's, Tolkien-based humour. (Polish, English and Czech)
  • 'Fellowship of the Gold Tree and Boromir's Companion':
    Mailing group www page contains Fellowship of the Gold Tree members portfolio, graphics, poems and fanfiction.(Polish)
  • 'Hobbit's hole':
    The official site of Literature and Mass Kulture Studies Section of Polish Rhetoric Society contains many tolkienistic essays. (Polish)
  • 'Elrond- Last Family House':
    A great site with many often updating news, columns, essays and interesting comments. (Polish)
  • 'Rangers of the North':
    The site of Rangers of the North, who are making an RPG game based on J.R.R Tolkien's world. Beautiful graphics, orginal menu and many interesting materials.(Polish)
  • 'Tolkien Art':
    One of the richest Tolkienists site in Poland (Polish)
  • 'The Lord of the Rings':
    The largest "Lord of the Rings" movie site in Poland. Lots of news on upcoming events. Updated regularly. (Polish)
  • 'The Encyclopedia of Arda':
    Guide to the works of J.R.R Tolkien, contains almost 5,000 entries (English)
  • 'Rolozo':
    A great and one of the biggest sites with art inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's prose (English)
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