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  • Murray Smith, 24 August 2005

    To the people involved with 'Aiglos',

    I bought a copy of the special issue at the recent convention in Birmingham. After reading it, I have to congratulate you on a excellent publication. For a very cheap price, its contents were of a very high standard. The reproductions of the artwork were themselves worth the price.

    The articles were very good. The general ones, about the Round Arda, and whether Tolkien's heros were 'cardboard' I liked; but what was particularly interesting for an Irishman like me were those on the Polish translations of 'The Lord of the Rings' and on Tolkien fandom in Poland.

    Murray Smith

    editors answer:

    Dear Murray,

    Thank you for your kind words about our journal. We are happy that you liked the artwork so much and that the information about the Polish Tolkien fandom was so interesting to an Irish reader. The shape of the general Tolkien fandom all over the world is what interests us very much and we hope to publish more articles on that subject in our future issues as well. As for the analyses of Tolkien heroes and of the nature of his Arda, these are topics which will certainly never cease to fascinate his fans, and we are glad that you found our essays thought-provoking.

    Thank you again -

    With kind regards,

    Bożena Mitko ''Nellelórë'
    for The Aiglos Editorial Staff

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