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  • Jan Boom's letter, 2 April 2004

    My Polish Tolkien Family,

    It was indeed a wonderful surprise to receive today you new magazine AIGLOS
    Congratulation to all of you , Nifrodel, Elfy, M.L, Halbarad Dunadan, Kasiopea, Melinir, Nilcamiel and Tallis Keeton, Evermind, Avari, and last but not least Bilbo...It is a beautiful edition and most interesting What are you all doing there in Poland looks to me my Polish Tolkien family get a second birth
    Maybe after the movie but I lope you will remain as seriously as you always been...

    New Aiglos, New Simbelmyne, New Gwaihir, unbelievable so much good news from Poland

    Looking forward to our meeting next year so you can tell me personnel all about it....

    Thanks you so much of letting charring with you the "Polish-Tolkien"


    Fangorn (at the moment in the netherlands)

    Jan Boom

    editors answer:

    Dear Fangorn,

    Many thanks for your enthusiastic letter; we will do our best not to disappoint you in future and hope to enjoy working on the next issues as much as we did this time.

    May the stars shine on your paths,

    Evermind Took (for the Editors)

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