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rticles and essays
  • A dictatorship in the Shire (?) -Tadeusz A. Olszanski 'Halbarad Dunadan'

    A recounting of the data concerning the political-social system of the hobbits' country and a reconstruction of the very short rule of Lotho and later Saruman at the end of the War of the Ring.

    The Hobbit - Joanna Piech

    The picaresque novel is little known and much less used in Poland. This genre, born over 400 years ago in Spain, was used in a modified form by such giants of Anglo-Saxon literature as Tolkien and Chesterton. The article is an analysis of The Hobbit and The Flying Inn as picaresque novels and tries to answer the question why these writers used this slightly forgotten genre and how they adjusted it to their needs.

  • Worm in the heart. The problem of tragedy in "The Children of Hurin" - Zofia Mardula 'Cotsille'

    A discussion of tragedy in the story as it is understood by ancient Greeks, using the notions of hybris and hamartia and considering the problems of fate and destiny, suicide, and the meaning of life" on the examples of Turin's decisions, in order to show when and through what decisions he becomes a tragic hero modelled on mythical characters. The question of the possibility of catharsis in Tolkien's world is also considered.

  • J. R. R. Tolkien's mythopoeia and the familiarisation of myth - Jyrki Korpua

    An argument that Tolkien's texts are an attempt at creative transplanting ancient myths to the modern literature and that the familiar characters of hobbits are a means of familiarizing the modern reader with the high-level subject matter.

  • On The Hobbit as it could have been, or more than a few words about the 1960 version - Michal Lesniewski 'M.L.'

    The changes introduced into the text of the book in 1960, a discussion of their nature and motives, and a speculation why Tolkien gave them up.

  • Deja vu - Kasiopea

    A look at the art design and costumes in The Hobbit. An Unexpected Journey.

  • The image of a hobbit in The Hobbit - Zofia Stanecka 'Nasturcja Gamgee'

    A look at Peter Jackson's film from the perspective of the fidelity of Bilbo's image to the character in the book and a discussion the impact of the changes on the understanding of who and what a hobbit is.

eviews and interviews
  • An interview with John D. Rateliff - Michal Lesniewski 'M.L.', Agnieszka Sylwanowicz 'Evermind HS Took'

  • "On the first instalment of Peter Jackson's The Hobbit. A highly subjective editorial collective review" - reviewed by - The Aiglos Editorial Staff

  • "A feast for the eyes" . A review of Daniel Falconer's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Chronicles - Art & Design - reviewed by - Malgorzata Dzikowska 'Marille Undomiel'

  • "Looking behind the scenes of The Hobbit". A review of Brian Sibley's The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey Official Movie Guide - reviewed by - Malgorzata Dzikowska 'Marille Undomiel'

  • "Tao of hobbits". A review of Noble's Smith's The Wisdom of the Shire. A Short Guide to a Long and Happy Life - reviewed by - Michal Lesniewski 'M.L.'

  • "The Hobbit discovered in many ways". A review of Corey Olsen's Exploring J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit - reviewed by - Karolina Stopa-Olszanska'Melinir'

    There is a hobbit genealogical crossword puzzle designed by Karolina Stopa-Olszanska 'Melinir'. You will find also Tolkien news from Poland and abroad.


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