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  • Nerdanel. A Few Words About the Episode that Did Not Have to Be an Episode - Michał Leœniewski 'M.L.'

    The text is not an attempt at showing this episodic female character, but at proving that Fëanor’s wife did not have to be unimportant. On the contrary, in his later writings Tolkien expanded her character and her role in the Legendarium. Her episodic presentation in The Silmarillion is due to Ch. Tolkien’s decision.

  • Éowyn The Classical -Agnieszka Sylwanowicz 'Evermind HS Took'

    The author shows how the literary devices taken from the classical literature and used in the portrayal of Éowyn make her something more than a woman-warrior of Rohan.

  • The Nazgul and the Sleepless Dead - Tadeusz Andrzej Olszański 'Halbarad Dúnadan'

    The article discusses the two groups as opposites: the Nazgul, former Men, are not dead, although they are invisible and under Sauron’s spell, and the Sleepless Dead are bodiless sprits of Men cursed for breaking of an oath.

  • Sea of Rhun and Its Place in the Legendarium - Paweł Birgiel 'Túrin Dagnir'

    The article shows this fragment of Tolkien’s geography and its growing role, as well as the importance of geography in Tolkien’s creation.

  • Concerning Éowyn – an Argumentative Dialogue - Kasiopea and Karolina Stopa-Olszańska 'Melinir'

    Was she a hero or a deserter? A capricious little miss or a victim of misplaced feelings? Lots of similar questions are tackled by the authors.

  • What Is Friendship? Some Reflections on the Basis of J. R. R. Tolkien’s Legendarium Anna Adamczyk-Œliwińska 'Nifrodel'

    The Author wonders what the difference between acquaintance, comradeship and friendship is? How is friendship presented in The Lord of the Rings and The Silmarillion? Is Frodo Sam’s friend and is Túrin Beleg’s? What is the place of friendship in man’s life and what do philosophers say about it?

  • Polemics with A. Oberski’s article about Saruman, published in “Aiglos” 12, A Middle-earth Capitalist, Or A Few Words About Saruman - Krzysztof Kędzierski 'klemenko'

anfiction and poetry
  • Pride and Memory - Michał Leœniewski 'M.L.'

    A tale of a dramatic confrontation between Gil-galad and Oropher’s descendants with the Last Alliance and Nirnaeth Arnoediad in the background.

  • From the Archives of Michel Delving Messenger Service - Zosia Stanecka 'Nasturcja Gamgee'

    Even the most sprightly Hobbit gets old in time... Here are some letters concerning the last days of Gaffer Gamgee.

  • Sauron’s Misery - Adam Rabiński 'Adiemus'

    A one-act humorous play in verse about the Maia’s separation from the One and his subsequent death from grief when Frodo and Sam destroy the Ring.

  • There is a crossword puzzle with a twist in the issue made by Karolina Stopa-Olszańska 'Melinir'

    There is a selection of poetry by by Katarzyna Wojdak 'Avari' , Anna Adamczyk-Œliwińska 'Nifrodel' , Agata Borkowska 'Alqualaurë' and Katarzyna Staniewska 'Elring'. There are also noteworthy events in Poland and abroad, and riddles.

eviews and interviews
  • An interview with Chris Bouchard, the producer and director of The Hunt for Gollum - Kasiopea

  • Martin Simonson’s The Lord of the Rings and the Western Narrative Tradition - reviewed by - Michał Leœniewski 'M.L.'

  • Almost Like Jackson, or A Review of Two Fan-film Highlights of 2009 - The Hunt for Gollum and Born of Hope - reviewed by - Kasiopea

  • A Handful of Anti-tolkienist Thoughts on The Hunt for Gollum, or "How Can It Delight when It Does Not?"" - reviewed by - Aleksandra Graczyk


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